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David Schulman | Vice President Production, Jam City Los Angeles

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Reviews 298,989

  1. The game is addicting I cant put it down
    Pebbles Lovehurts7
    But the thing I don't like is when you don't have any clue what you have to pay for it I think it should be free just like the game
  2. Great Game Fun For The Entire Family
    Cyn Hin
    The beautiful graphics, magnificent colors, upbeat music and charismatic characters truly makes this game fun. Great for the entire family..
  3. Love this game!
    Jennifer Blackburn
    Great graphics, fun puzzles, one of my favorite match 3 games. I don't mind being stuck on a level because it's never so long that I get bored or frustrated like similar games, I'm on level 288 currently and I NEVER use power-up help so if I can get thru the levels without help, so can everyone else...Very nice job!
  4. Great game
    Robin Vascovich
    Love the different levels, great games. Fun, love it
  5. Amazing
    Best game ever soo much fun and brings good memories of the movies
  6. Christina Ayala
    Very good game so far n not hard to play. It keeps me busy lol
  7. Elise Buhn
    Sheer fun! Amazing game graphics, fast action. It is also important to me that I can use skill rather than throwing money into the game to pass levels. A challenge is okay but making a level that requires purchases to pass isn' t really fair. Thanks for fair fun!
  8. Great play hideously addictive
    gregory Belland
    I fought my way to level 424 and was having a great time.All of a sudden I am back at level 1. They restored my levels. They listened and helped couldn't ask for more
  9. Amazing game
    Mackenzie Mackay
    Love this game so much. Every level is a challenge which makes it so hard to put down. The vibrant colours and characters make it a game for all the family to enjoy.
  10. Sugar smash
    Tailynn Melton
    Fun game but it keeps sticking please fix.
  11. Made me start over twice
    Shelby Vogler
    I really love this game!It is my favorite one but it does me so dirty.I got to 86 and sent me back to 1.had to start over twice.please put me back where I was!!!
  12. Sugarsmash 'The Book of Life'
    Melody Scott
    While playing, the game just QUITS ! Please fix! I'd probably rate a 5☆, except for that problem.
  13. Nice graphics
    Heidi Hanson
    And funny stuff they say, lik santa chihuahua which would translate as Saint Chihuahua.But now at level 135 I think it is too hard, I guess the fun is over... also gets confusing, it was nice while it lasted
  14. It's fine
    It's fun but eventually all the power ups and lives run out and you have to pay for them though. It's mostly a Spanish themed candy crush.
  15. Cool game
    Alicia Carrera
    I like the game a lot. I just didn't like that the only way to get coins or 'super ' moves is to actually pay for them.
  16. Book of life
    kimberly hillard
    I bet you would like it if you watch it the game is amazing thou.
  17. It's ok
    Stephanie Yath
    Kinda annoying whn your stuck on a certain level too long to get out of.....
  18. I can't tell you how enjoyable this game is...
    kayla romero
    I love it, it's so addictive!! It's challenging at times, but that's the FUN part!!!
  19. Keeps crashing now
    Liza McGuinness
    Was good until I reached level 116, then it started crashing. I had to uninstall and install again. But still crashes.
  20. Sugar smash
    Cathy Coombs
    It is a fun game to play.


What`s new

SANTA CHIHUAHUA! Some old levels are being forgotten and exiled to the Land of the Forgotten! Help us remember those levels and bring them back to the Land of the Remembered for some incredible REWARDS!

- New “Forgotten Levels” event, only for players who completed all levels!
- More than 3300 levels!
- Constant updates with new levels!
- Bug fixes and general improvements.

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