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Reviews 94,631

  1. Typical
    Rebecca Wycoff
    Games ask for ratings before you've even had a chance to play. I'll 're rate it honestly after I've played more than just the tutorial.
  2. Keeps closing for no reason!
    Maria Medes
    I will be in the middle of a game and the app shuts down. 0/5 stars.
  3. gloria bledsoe
    It will load but as soon as I pick my game it kicks me out. Other than that I really liked the game. Please fix it so I can play again.
  4. Super Bingo
    Kitty FisherBoswell
    Dab the numbers that are called and when you get 4 connersor any line any way you yell BINGO. BINGO
  5. Freezing
    eileen gunzburg
    Like the game...Freezes all the time!! PLEASE CHECK OUT THE PROBLEM!I would have been happy to give the game 5 stars!!⭐except for I lost every time it froze ❄❄❄ KEEP THE DAUBS IN PLACE IF YOU HAVE THE NUMBER CALLED! !!!! ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GAME FREEZES AND YOUR TRYING CATCH UP !! Gave you 3 stars at first.. .. Still freezing and loosing
  6. Its good a game
    Lupe Saena
    I enjoy playing this game. But it also freezes and then i lose a bingo on a game. And every time I play a game it kicks me out for no reason. Its hard to push buttons to dabb numbers n the bingo button...most of the time i miss out on bingos on my cards...otherwise i would rate better.
  7. Linda Bellow
    It use to be one of my favorite bingo games. Now it freezes up, then you cannot keep up with the numbers being called. It is hard to get collection items. I am so disappointed in this game now. Until these problems are fixed I can only give 1 star and that is only because I cannot give 0!!!!!
  8. Pointless waste of time
    Xander Pepper Rooney
    Nice visuals, but very slow and laggy. Some numbers that get called don't even daub. Definitely going to delete
  9. Michael Adams
    Fix the slowness in changing the cards back and forth, constantly freezing for 2 or 3 seconde which causes u to fall behind and lose out on bingos. Fun game but way to many hiccups and glitches. Aint worth the time. Fix it ill give 5 stars but not until then
  10. Slow
    Shauna Davidson
    Frustrating to play because it pauses between card changing and using power ups. Fix this and will give higher star rating
  11. Nice graphics! Awesome wins! UPDATES Ty! I've seen your working on those I appreciate this Tysvm love the freebies you give Ty
    Dorothy Johnson
    Very colorful! Great game you have! Kudos to developers! Part of your response helped Ty! I've sent reports to you & emails. You did respond within the game Ty! Appreciate your answer Fixed Thank you. I've lost coins Super Bingo U did w/in game, Giv Refund Ty. I'd Luv2C game play W/continued improvN w/Your current upD8s & fix, Ty. Keep up great THINGS 2uU developers Kudos 2 complaints!! Plz do slow⬇caller/Fix so I can Daub My #'s/#Duz Not Show it's daubed/Lost 2 Many cards, wins....... .
  12. Not very good
    Colin Mckinnon
    This game lags and when it catches up it calls to fast and the numbers get skipped and you win at first then the game lags and you miss bingos , not impressed! Un installing now!
  13. Lagging
    Marian West
    Unfortunately ,I agree with most of the people who rated this game. Calling 3 up to 4 numbers right after the other so we can't catch up. Also the rewards are not good.
  14. Linda Case
    Lots of variety. Fun game. I play it almost daily. Would easily recommend.
  15. The lagging in the his game stinks.
    Jenn Angel
    The caller will call a number, it lags for a while & then he'll call another number but there will be a bunch of other numbers that pop up that were apparently called while the game was lagging & I lose because I can't catch up before the game ends...
  16. Laggy
    Welkos Tay
    Game is a disappointment to me compared to other bingos just because of the lagg that goes on. The arrow will blink before the number is ever revealed most of the time up to 2 numbers causing me to loose constantly because of that. Hit bingo n says I'm always two late yet shows 3 places left. Just disappointed for that reason. Good concept bad play
  17. Super Bingo Hd
    Tracey Thomas
    Love this game fun and entertaining very easy to play
  18. Patricia Carr Gibson
    I love this game. I never get tired of playing. One of the best bingo games
  19. Foul!!!! uninstalled again
    Nansye anonymous
    Need to fix the multiple card issue because it stalls/FREEZES!!!!!!!! BIG TIME when trying to switch between cards. That's a game changer - where is the HD in this bingo, if you cannot play more than 2 cards???? Plz fix this!! generous with bingo chip!!! thats the only positive
  20. Debbie hoover
    So far it is a good bingo game. Only on level four have not got to the part where I have to buy anything yet.


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