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Monthly active users estimation: 1,500,000

Reviews 122,828

  1. Good, but, not so good
    Prerna Inderparsad
    It is a very lovely game, but, when you get to level 31 and your level meter fills up you can't go to level 32 . so that is really annoying and because of that my sister stopped playing this game
  2. Loved
    Aman Kaur
    This game is amzing ... Ii just simply loved it ... I like to play fashion games.. nd this is one of the best game I h'd ever played .. nd one suggestion I want to give is pls increase the speed of the dresses to download ... otherwise it is vry interesting game
  3. Not Good but GREAT
    Kerri Jopp
    I can finally stop the searching now. I know I've found the perfect game to improve my designing skills. Thank you.
  4. It's really good, but..........
    Krishna Singh
    When I complete my order or a part of order, I am not able to click on ' start production'. It doesn't respond when I click on it!!! What should I do now?
  5. Muaah
    SREEJA Manoharan
    Its grt and I really love games2win. But everytym the ads are popping up please see to it
  6. It's good
    Nancy La'Elvin
    The game is actually cool. But I'm in level 31 And It's not moving... there're saying coming much longer am I to wait cuz I'm getting tired..pls do sth abt this
  7. It's amazing for creativity.
    Jadey Bowring
    I love this game it's awesome, the only problem I have is I've finished Barcelona and now I can't level up higher. I'm stuck on 31 and my bar goes all the way up to level up, but doesn't please make more city's or new scenarios so it doesn't get boring and all the items aren't unlocked and because it's not letting me level up I can't unlock them all.
  8. Cool but
    Hasini Priyanka
    It nice but not much fun it nice but i wont give 5 stars only 4 stars. Make it more fun than i will rate 5 stars ╭(╯^╰)╮
  9. Amazing
    Davien Th.
    I love this game but there is one problem i finished barcelona and I don't know how to unlock the other countries, i sent you an email but you asked me to be patient and wait for the update but there isn't any update, please help me because i love this game
  10. Best apps
    Archana Jain
    Nice app i love this app it is it is nice but annoying also for some time the advertisements annoyed alot and plz also provide some free gems in every month or week's so it can make the game more and more intresting.....:)
  11. Liked it but
    Azba Abid Hussein
    Liked it but on level 31 with is Barcelona it keeps on saying coming soon and you can not go to any other place and you stay on level 31 otherwise its relay good and I'd recommend it .
  12. Fashion designer
    Lavanya Vichare
    As I have to be a fashion designer so I like this I will not give all 5 stars but 4 stars
  13. Nice but,
    Rawan Elafandi
    It just either takes too long time to get the icon or to use too much jems that is really bad so I won't give except for 3 stars.
  14. A bit more
    Gelane Rob Fernandez
    The app is great. I enjoy playing it. Timing is a bit slow. Also needs a bit more upgrades. But it's not boring to play. But it is a great app. Cool.
  15. Loved it
    Amina Abakar
    Great...I totally love this game it always keeps me busy. If the dresses would load quicker, everything would be perfect. Apart from that, everything's good
  16. Marvelous
    Jaya Sree Nunavathu
    It's good I'm playing it i t's very nice actually I don't want to read this much star because there are no gems it's boring game don't take it for someone is funny for someone its not funny not a good game for girls always taking time to submit us some of the stupid game so I gave you 5 stars for stupid game stupid stupid stupid stupid game making me that so I am playing candy crush soda it's a good game but it takes so much time to get life I don't want to write this mucbut I am writingshould not take this
  17. Charmlovestar
    Daniel Moffor
    I really love this game because you get to design your own clothes for people like bakers and all that right now I am in Paris ,the only thing I would change is the diamonds they just run out to quickly so maybe you could put some more bye
  18. Amazing
    Haven Pusher
    This game is so fun because it has cute stuff and not ugly things like other games and its easy and pretty realistic. Other games I've played were you design clothes are dumb and is like for babies and I just absolutely love it.
  19. Omg
    Ariana Dukes
    I love this game it is so fun okay the adds are annoying but the game so fun
  20. Nice :)
    Karisa Parsons
    When are new levels/updates coming?? It stops at level 31 even though there are locked items that don't open until levels above this...


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