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  1. Just... Wow
    Leo Dupe
    From the music to the puzzle's, this game will go down in history as the best indie platformer. Good job 10/10
  2. Brilliant
    Mike Nolan
    Love this game. This is an excellent Android port of this classic. The swipe to move controls are a bit of a novelty though. I changed it to the d-pad setting. Personally, I have more control that way.
  3. Awesome
    Hunter Smith
    Everything about this game is amazing, but it does make you rage quit a lot.
  4. Glitch sometime
    Oscar Walczak
    In 1 player world every time i go up and back down then the game starts glitching every time. And the normal game goes just fine. And i completed the game and it starts getting boring.
  5. Retro fuzzy warmth. Perfect
    stephen brazier
    Most of you wont get this...terry its awesome, its speccy heaven..miner willy, hungry horace, Bruce lee and chuckie egg would be proud...even the ' feel x of 8 bit is perfect. And already Lovin the knights from hunchback tribute in 'trench warfare ;-) more please
  6. VVVVVV 2?
    Leo Davies
    I got this on my 3DS a while ago but it broke so recently I got it again on my tablet and already having so much fun so if there is gonna be a sequel (please) I'll fully support!
  7. Gavin Boggs
    This game is amazing but quite hard
  8. Incredible game, though a couple user maps are impossible on Android/iOS
    Markus Ivan Peloquin
    The two screens are Variation Venture - Optional Extra and Golden Spiral - Watch it Bend. I read that Optional Extra was fixed, but that must have been on the PC version only. Otherwise this game is incredible.
  9. Garlicow Media
    Amazing. The best handheld I've played so far.
  10. Problem
    Alexandre D.
    The game is strangely lagging on my LG G4
  11. Amazing
    Nguyen Minh Truc Nhan
    A good time killer over the course of a few days if you don't die too much every now and then. The default control is very difficult to use so d-pad option is recommended, but the entire game including the most difficult part of it is possible with every control. The users level would keep you busy for a long while until you put the game down. The game might be super difficult but it's not exactly rage-inducing for me personally, so highly recommended.
  12. Amazing
    Steven Kaydn
    Perfect platform game, not much of a storyline, but gameplay is absolutely superb 5/5
  13. VVVVVV is one of my all time favorites
    Trey Joseph
    I do have a bug to report though. My alarm just went off while playing it and when I turned the alarm off, the game continued to run, but the screen was entirely black. The level I was on was driller
  14. Great game
    Ryan Cilona
    It's an extremely well made game, except for a battery leak bug. The only way to fix it is to force stop the app. Occasionally I'll forgot to do this and end up with a dead phone very quickly. Hopefully this issue can be resolved.
  15. Great game
    DuckAlert UK
    Love it. One thing though.. Shouldn't this be flawless 60fps on nexus 7, HTC one because on both of these devices it's slightly choppy. Nothing major or anything! These graphics can't be stressing the hardware surely? Just wondered what would cause stutter when it looks like it could run smooth on a C64 lol but regardless, dope game! Oh and if we could turn that blur filter off that would be great. Thanks!
  16. Outstanding
    Greyson B
    This is a game that in my eyes, has never gotten boring despite having completed it numerous times in the past. If you have any vague taste for good games, get this now. The transition to mobile and touch controls hasn't stopped this from being a great game, albeit my one single complaint is the oddly blurry graphics, at least on a Nexus 5. This is negligible as can be seen by the five stars above, but it is an issue to take note of. This shouldn't deter you from buying this, however.
  17. Good game can't play
    Robert Niles
    This game is great but I got to a part where I need to be best and the controls are a bit dodgy so it just makes me stop or turn the other way
  18. Great!
    Very challenging but not impossible game. The gameplay is excellent with fast and sharp controls. Once you complete the game there's different game modes and user-created maps to tackle. Very enjoyable and easily worth the price.
  19. Oh Baby
    aaron cohen
    Original and engrossing. Now on my phone, pretty cool! Lot's o' fun , treat yourself. Just don't take any frustrations out on your phone (It's not easy but that's part of what makes it great). Well worth the low price point.
  20. Difficult, but fun :D
    Olly Mackenzie
    Graphics seem a little fuzzy, but that could just be the type of screen on my S3 mini, I've heard it does diagonal lines better than straight ones due to how the pixels are made up.


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