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  1. Finally on the phone!
    Eric Webb
    This used to be my favorite flash game and i'm so glad they finally adapted it to the phone so well. It has a kind of slow start but quickly becomes non-stop fun once you get a few extra zombies. It's also not that bad on battery consumption.
  2. A little retro.. but awesomely addictive
    Joshua Brandl
    I'm a fan... it's a good game, however I wish some of the items could be unlocked earlier... what's the point in beating the game 6 times to get a weapon
  3. Game is great. options... not so much
    Michael Ingraldi
    Gameplay is fun and faithful to the original. However, it really bugs me that I can't turn the sound off. Every time I reopen it, the volume is back up. Needs a sound/music toggle to turn sound off permanently, across session states like most other games.
  4. Finally on the phone
    Adrian Castro
    The game is great runs smoothly and all but I just have one complaint, I can't see all of the news reporters outfits I have them all unlocked but I can't see a few can you guys fix it plz I really wanna see the Pokemon outfit
  5. Favorite game
    Kevin Watts
    I loved playing this game on the computer and it is just as fun on the phone. Not laggy at all ever and really doesn't drain the battery that bad at all.
  6. Super fun
    the sinkingboats
    This game starts slow but can speed up as you start progressing you need to dominate all the world with your virus it becomes super addicting i have played this game for a long time now and it's still much fun to play i recommend you download this game because it is definitly worth it.
  7. Great
    Erick Scott
    If you like having your mindless zombies kill innocent people then this is a game for you. The challenges are sometimes pretty challenging and you may find yourself yelling at your zombies to eat brains faster like I do. You don't need to purchase anything to play this game and you can play it again on a harder difficulty once you dominate the world. Kill Santa Claus, Justin Bieber, Ronald McDonald, and more...though they are named a bit differently for legal purposes :D.
  8. Love games because bossses wene victory
    Maureen Dumaual
    Love games play that war so zombie install zombie virus is good this hd Love
  9. Love this game
    Jesse Skinner
    Great time sink, and it doesn't feel like you wasted your time. A great combination of strategy, and random chance.
  10. Good game
    Black Dragon
    It's a fun game. Nice art style, awesome soundtrack. Worth playing.
  11. Best of Armor Games!
    Lucas Lee
    this morning, I was finding a game to play in play store as I find most of my games getting boring. then I found this! I recognized that I had played this game on the computer long time ago, when there is not even a smartphone! I really want to thank Armor Games to publish this game on play store, or I won't ever find a great game!
  12. Love
    Charlie Schlabach
    Blown away by the amount of fun this game is. I have killed my fully charged battery 2 times a day since I've downloaded.
  13. Great Game, Bit Challenging
    Chase Caterpi
    This is one of the best games I have ever played. I put a-lot of hours into this game. It's only flaws are it being too challenging on some levals ( I think I remember New York being one), and that there is too small of a selection of zombies. Most zombies you get throughout the game are too weak to use. I found myself only using the normal zombies, the collectioner, and Kim Jong Ill. The last level is really chalenging and took me three hours to beat. Overall great game with minor flaws. It's worth it.
  14. Solid all around
    Daniel Elsner
    Good graphics, well developed play and replay value, sfx that don't send me racing for the mute, cute lil in-jokes, and all with a relatively small footprint. The sexualization of the news broadcaster is a bit creepy, especially in the context of a zombpocalypse, but the zombie one is pretty good. "No brains remained to be eaten." Kinda makes you wonder what the catch is tho. Maybe they harvest phone data for some zombie overmind or something...
  15. *FAP FAP FAP*
    izaha karn
    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, do some of the people say that??? Well its totally hilarious, but still whyyyyyyy??? But besides from that, very fun and pretty addicting game. Also a girl character was saying that, y u so confusing game???
  16. Insert witty zombie joke here.
    Patrick Davis
    A simple time waster and hilarious options for additional zombie types. So far, I haven't had to spend a dime but I would be willing to buy something like this for additional features. Outstanding idea and execution especially in an age where Zombies are already so over done.
  17. Worst of the worst
    Captain Rhodes
    This is game and fun and well-designed, except for the part where it deletes every single upgrade I had, right when I was about to best world domination mode. So CO I doubt I'll ever get those upgrades back, I hereby rate this game less fun than taking a dump. And at least excrement can be used for fertilizer, which means that even excrement has some value, unlike this game.
  18. Loved the pc version and this is better
    Scott Malensek
    since you get more characters. Just one thing the cost for through wals and people is ridiculously high compared to the pc version
  19. It I'd cool
    Blake Hostetter
    I love the zombie Jackson, and how it plays thriller... Even though the no zombies left countdown should be lower for endless mode
  20. Just a beautiful way to kill time and conquer the world
    Graham Florida
    A fun and adorable little game about considering the world with zombies, between the two tiered world conqueror and the endless infection mode, alongside an amazing slew of upgrades, there's more than enough content to distract you from day-to-day life.


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