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  1. Age of Conquest Renewed!
    David Hunn
    Takes the things I love about the Age of Conquest series that sadly stopped being updated a few years back and added some unique features. While I will say it can be a little confusing and the colors can be hard to read while deploying I am sure it is simply because I am used to the brighter colors of the Age of Conquest games. I am glad someone finally started renewing this type of game and can't wait for future updates!
  2. I haven't played but
    Tristian Lane
    I know I will love it it's a conquering game for lords sake!!!!
  3. Neil Smith
    I don't know if I'm playing this wrong, but every time I play as Germany, I immediately get invaded by several countries all at once. Its impossible to progress, let alone win.
  4. Good
    Nanda Kumar
    After updating the app goes into landscape previously it stayed in portrait which was good .. Pls fix this issue
  5. Ahh
    Sean McGhee
    The only way to get north America is to by the full version why? Fix this on all of ur games like this
  6. Great game... Needs whole world free option.
    Antonio Jack
    Finally found a game like risk. Simple and fun to play. Its good except I think it should include the whole world, many more nations and scenarios. The game play, strategy, complexity and graphics could all be better. There are too many versions of this game with all the light and payed options. If there was one epic free game that would be the best.
  7. GREAT just one thing
    Yomom Herman
    Very good love it and have played it for quite a while now but I can't get full version (don't ask) so I just like to see it free.
  8. Gteat but....
    Eliab Uriarte
    Last tiñe i had it on a galacy s 3 and the lite bersion had all nations but had 4 you could npt attack and other nations never attacked but it was hard to envade why is it difrent mow when its the same update
  9. Sparten117 Uriarte
    Great but needs to have more things like an air force,and multiplayer,#1 game ive played
  10. I'll pay for it when it becomes multiplayer
    Daniel Todd
    I've been looking for a game like this for a while now and here it is! I think what would make this game great would be a free whole world map and an online option for multiplayer, and don't show screenshots of the whole world if u can only play in Europe! Message me when u add Multiplayer!!!
  11. Best strategy game so far
    Mitch Jill
    Great simulation cause it has real map and diplomacy feature which makes you feel as if you were a nation leader try to dominate the world. And it also light in your phone. Excellent game. A bit suggestion: add some extra detail in the battle like unit types--it will be awesome
  12. Bad
    The Mayers
    Worst game I ever played because you do good then you can't even take over a single place without the rest declaring war and having loads of troops
  13. Nice
    Paulino Bermudez
    Really good but you should add scenarios of like WW1 and a research bar so it doesnt matter if you have five thousand soldiers against 10 thousand you can win because of machine guns
  14. Cool game
    Naufal Naufall
    It is a really cool game but the enemy always spits out troops at an unimaginable rate and the full game should be free for such awesome games like this.
  15. Great
    Luke Tan
    I would like to see exchange of territories, like when i had one enemy province in the middle of my empire. I sent 100 000 troops to crush it but it kept "running", as in conquering the province beside it. I would give the enemy 50 000 cash and one province of they returned that one to me. Also, i would prefer having the full version for free, as i have now got so experienced in the game that i can CRUSH the enemy easily. Could you at least give us the full map on the free version?
  16. Multiplayer?? And..
    brenden casey
    What's the difference between this and the full version? + a multiplayer would be good for this
  17. I like it very much
    Froi Froii
    But you must give more details about the troops and area, such like terrain bonuses and income in every city that you've been captured
  18. Maybe some custom alliances
    Jacob F
    It would be neat to set up pre-set custom aliances.
  19. Love it, it's difficult and I'm finally starting to win
    William Underwood
    It's an extremely difficult game that requires a lot of strategy, but on my 6th game, I WON! :)
  20. It's okay
    Callum Eaves
    It's a great game. I think you should make the full version free, or even put down the price, because there is better games out there that are free or alot cheaper than the full version.


What`s new

S8 bug fix
New: Army view instead of Economy view
Turkish language-Update
New language: Português
New language: Čeština
Scale of icons
AI Alliance-Update
New language: Nederlands
New language: العربية
New: Map Scale 400%, 300%
New language: Italiano
New Scenario: Modern World 13 Civilizations
New language: 日本語
New language: Français
AI improvements: Diplomacy
AI Difficulty balance
New language: 한국어
New: Settings -> Landscape
New: Settings -> Show order of moves
New language: Deutsch